Triple 9 Cafe & Restaurant

Triple 9 Cafe &

Chill out to the max in a secret location near by the Prawet Burirom canal, with cafes and restaurants. There are several beautiful photo locations for girls to pose in chic postures in the Aranta Hotel Ladkrabang area of Suvarnabhumi. Of course, here are also ready to serve delicious homemade recipes of the shop as well.

Recommended to try include Salmon Salad, Cha-Om Shrimp Soup, Salmon Teriyaki Rice, Chicken Green Spaghetti, Shrimp Paste Fried Rice with Bael Eggs,​ Shrimp Pad Thai, Strawberry Waffle, Burnt Cheesecake, Sweet Egg Bualoy, Banana, Orange Americano, Strawberry Yogurt, Passion Fruit Soda, Mango Soda, Blue Hawaiian Soda, and Strawberry Soda Full of good atmosphere, shady and delicious food. You have to get a beautiful dress ready and let's stop by quickly.

For events or light dinners at night, we also have them. The restaurant is open until 22:00. Don't miss the good atmosphere from the cool breeze by the canal.

Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner, it's all delicious in one place at Triple9❤️ or if you want to relax and stay this cation is chill. Getting nature without having to go far, you can end up at Aranta Subarnabhumi hotel as well.

Take in the view and enjoy the atmosphere along and the shady by canal with us! A must-see check-in point in Lat Krabang area and Suvarnabhumi

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